Elisa Bertino new chair of ACM SIG on Security, Audit and Control (SIGSAC)

Elisa BertinoAISL CO-PI Elisa Bertino has been elected chair of the ACM Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control (SIGSAC) for a one year term bebinning.

She is professor at the Department of Computer Science, Purdue University and Research Director of CERIAS. Her main research interests cover many areas in the fields of information security and database systems. Her research combines both theoretical and practical aspects, addressing as well applications on a number of domains, such as medicine and humanities.

SIGSAC’s mission is to develop the information security profession by sponsoring high quality research conferences and workshops. SIGSAC conferences addresses all aspects of information and system security, encompassing security technologies, secure systems, security applications and security policies. Security technologies include access control, assurance, authentication, cryptography, intrusion detection, penetration techniques, risk analysis and secure protocols. Security systems include security in operating systems, database systems, networks and distributed systems and middleware. Representative security applications areas are information systems, workflow systems, electronic commerce, electronic cash, copyright and intellectual property protection, telecommunications systems and healthcare. Security policies encompass confidentiality, integrity, availability, privacy, and survivability policies, including trade-off and conflicts amongst these.

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