Han on Mining Knowledge from Databases

AISL CO-PI Jiawei of the University of Illinois gave an invited talk at Microsoft Research on “Mining Knowledge from Databases: An Information Network Analysis Approach”. View the video of the talk and slides from the link below. Here is the abstract of the talk, which lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

“Most people consider a database is merely a data repository that supports data storage and retrieval.
Actually, a database contains rich, inter-related, multi-typed data and information, forming one or a set of gigantic, interconnected, heterogeneous information networks. Much knowledge can be derived from such information networks if we systematically develop an effective and scalable database-oriented information network analysis technology.
In this talk, we introduce database-oriented information network analysis methods and demonstrate how information networks can be used to improve data quality and consistency, facilitate data integration, and generate interesting knowledge. Moreover, we present interesting case studies on real datasets, including DBLP and Flickr, and show how interesting and organized knowledge can be generated from database-oriented information networks.”

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