Dr Arthur Gretton

Role: Other
Affiliation: UIUC
Title: Research Scientist
Company: MPI for Biological Cybernetics
Department: Dept. Schölkopf
Email: arthur DOT gretton AT tuebingen DOT mpg DOT de
Business: +49-7071-601-562
Business Address: 204, Spemannstraße 38, Tübingen, 72076, Germany
My main interest is in using kernel methods to reveal properties of probability distributions, for instance disovering whether two random variables are independent, or testing whether two samples are from the same distribution. One application area for these techniques is in discovering patterns of activity in the brain, and discovering how the brain responds to visual stimuli.

Author of 1 resource

  1. Marisa Thoma, Hong Cheng, Arthur Gretton, Jiawei Han, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Alexander J Smola, Le Song, Philip S Yu, Xifeng Yan, Karsten M Borgwardt, "Near-Optimal Supervised Feature Selection among Frequent Subgraphs", InProceedings, SIAM Int. Conf. on Data Mining (SDM'09, April 02, 2009, 326 downloads.