Kevin K Nam

Role: Student
Affiliation: Michigan
Company: University Of Michigan
Department: School of Information
Email: ksnam AT umich DOT edu
Welcome to Kevin Nam's homepage. I am a doctoral student in Information Science at the University of Michigan. My advisor is Dr. Mark S. Ackerman. (see "About me" for more) This site mostly serves as a readily accessible space where I can organize papers as well as ideas and scraps of information I come across. The standard cv, publication, projects from my phd years at the university of michigan and other places will also be housed here. I will add and modify the content as I progress in my studies in information science. (more specifically, I am interested in technology supported information management and usage in a highly connected environment, a.k.a., the ubicomp envionment.) The site will thus be forever a work in progress.

Author of 2 resources

  1. Lada Adamic, Xiao Wei, Jiang Yang, Sean Gerrish, Kevin K Nam, Gavin Clarkson, "Individual focus and knowledge contribution", Article, First Monday, March 01, 2010, 444 downloads.
  2. Kevin K Nam, Mark S Ackerman, Lada Adamic, "Questions in, Knowledge iN? A Study of Naver’s Question Answering Community", InProceedings, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 09, April 04, 2009, 900 downloads.