Dr. Elisa Bertino

Role: Investigator
Affiliation: Purdue
Title: Professor
Elisa Bertino is professor of at the Computer at the Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University and Research Director of CERIAS. Her main research interests cover many areas in the fields of information security and database systems. Her research combines both theoretical and practical aspects, addressing as well applications in a number of domains, such as medicine and humanities. Current research includes:
  • access control systems, secure publishing techniques and secure broadcast for XML;
  • advanced RBAC models and foundations of access control models;
  • trust negotiation languages;
  • data mining and privacy;
  • multi-strategy filtering systems for Web pages and sites;
  • security for grid-computning systems and web services;
  • object-oriented and object-relational databases;
  • databases and multimedia, integration of database and virtual reality techniques;
  • geografical information systems and spatial databases;
  • advanced applications in the area of archaelogy.

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