Yongmei Shi

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Author of 3 resources

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  2. Li Ding, Tim Finin, Yongmei Shi, Youyong Zou, Zhongli Ding, Rong Pan, "Strategies and heuristics used by the UMBCTAC agent in the third Trading Agent Competition", InProceedings, Workshop on Trading Agent Design and Analysis, held in conjunction with the Eighteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, August 13, 2003, 1625 downloads, 2 citations.
  3. Li Ding, Yongmei Shi, Zhongli Ding, Rong Pan, Tim Finin, "UMBCTAC: A Balanced Bidding Agent", TechReport, UMBC Technical Report TR-02-15, December 14, 2002, 2424 downloads.