Tom Karygiannis

Role: Other
Affiliation: Other
Company: NIST

Author of 2 resources

  1. Anand Patwardhan, Jim Parker, Michaela Iorga, Anupam Joshi, Tom Karygiannis, Yelena Yesha, "Threshold-based Intrusion Detection in Ad Hoc Networks and Secure AODV", Article, Ad Hoc Networks Journal (ADHOCNET), May 09, 2007, 971 downloads.
  2. Anand Patwardhan, Jim Parker, Anupam Joshi, Michaela Iorga, Tom Karygiannis, "Secure Routing and Intrusion Detection in Ad Hoc Networks", InProceedings, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications, March 08, 2005, 3686 downloads, 35 citations.