Michael Zaremba

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Email: zaremba AT deri DOT org
Michal Zaremba is a postdoctoral researcher at National University of Ireland. His research interests include Semantic Web services and its architectures, eBusiness, enterprise application integration, B2B integration, and business process management. Zaremba has a PhD in industrial engineering from the National University of Ireland and an MSc in computer science and management from the Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland. He is a member of OASIS, W3C, and the ACM. Contact him at michal. zaremba@deri.org.

Author of 1 resource

  1. Mark Burstein, Christoph Bussler, Tim Finin, Mike Huhns, Massimo Paoucci, Amit Sheth, Stuart Williams, Michael Zaremba, "A Semantic Web Services Architecture,", Article, IEEE Internet Computing, September 01, 2005, 1776 downloads, 75 citations.