Mike Huhns

Role: Other
Affiliation: Other
Title: Professor
Company: University of South Carolina
Email: Huhns AT sc DOT edu
Michael N. Huhns is the NCR professor of computer science and engineering at the University of South Carolina, where he also directs the Center for Information Technology. He recently wrote Service-Oriented Computing: Semantics, Processes, Agents (John Wiley & Sons, 2005). Contact him at huhns@sc.edu.

Author of 2 resources

  1. Mike Huhns, et al. , "Research Directions in Multiagent Systems", Article, IEEE Internet Computing, November 01, 2005, 1331 downloads.
  2. Mark Burstein, Christoph Bussler, Tim Finin, Mike Huhns, Massimo Paoucci, Amit Sheth, Stuart Williams, Michael Zaremba, "A Semantic Web Services Architecture,", Article, IEEE Internet Computing, September 01, 2005, 1773 downloads, 75 citations.