Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran

Role: Student
Affiliation: Other
Title: Graduate Student
Department: CSEE
Email: palanik1 AT cs DOT umbc DOT edu

Author of 6 resources

  1. Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran, Filip Perich, Wenjia Li, Anupam Joshi, Tim Finin, "Enforcing Secure and Robust Routing with Declarative Policies", InProceedings, Proceedings of the 2010 Military Communications Conference, October 31, 2010, 745 downloads.
  2. Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran, Evelyne Viegas, "A Policy Based Infrastructure for Social Data Access with Privacy Guarantees", InProceedings, Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks, July 21, 2010, 493 downloads.
  3. Evelyne Viegas, Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran, "Applying Differential Privacy to Search Queries in a Policy Based Interactive Framework", Article, ACM International Workshop on Privacy and Annonymity for Very Large Datasets, November 06, 2009, 680 downloads.
  4. Justin Martineau, Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran, "SecurePass: Guarding sensitive information from untrusted machines", TechReport, September 08, 2008, 522 downloads.
  5. Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran, Sethuram Balaji Kodeswaran, Anupam Joshi, Tim Finin, "Enforcing security in semantics driven policy based networks", InProceedings, Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops, Secure Semantic Web, April 12, 2008, 595 downloads.
  6. Sethuram Balaji Kodeswaran, Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran, Anupam Joshi, Filip Perich, "Utilizing Semantic Policies for Secure BGP Route Dissemination", TechReport, September 27, 2007, 921 downloads.