Taowei Wang

Role: Other
Affiliation: Other
Company: University of Maryland, College Park
Department: Mindswap Lab
Email: tw7 AT cs DOT umd DOT edu
Business Address: College Park, Maryland

Author of 6 resources

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  2. Cynthia Parr, Joel Sachs, Lushan Han, Taowei Wang, Tim Finin, "RDF123 and Spotter: Tools for generating OWL and RDF for biodiversity data in spreadsheets and unstructured text", InProceedings, Proceedings of Biodiversity Information Standards Annual Conference (TDWG 2007), October 01, 2007, 710 downloads.
  3. Cynthia Parr, Joel Sachs, Andriy Parafiynyk, Taowei Wang, Roger Espinosa, Tim Finin, "ETHAN: the Evolutionary Trees and Natural History Ontology", TechReport, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, November 01, 2006, 2468 downloads, 1 citation.
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