Assured Information Sharing between Trustworthy, Semi-trustworthy and Untrustworthy Coalition Partners

There is a critical need for organizations to share data within and across infospheres and form coalitions so that analysts could examine the data, mine the data, and make effective decisions. Each organization could share information within its infosphere. An infosphere may consist of the data, applications and services that are needed for its operation. Organizations may share data with one another across what is called a global infosphere that spans multiple infospheres. It is critical that the war fighters get timely information. Furthermore, secure data and information sharing is an important requirement. The challenge is for data processing techniques to meet timing constraints and at the same time ensure that security is maintained.

Our research addresses assured information sharing across multiple levels of  trust. For trustworthy partners we shared information based on policies. For semi-trustworthy partners we play games to extract as much information as possible from them. For untrustworthy partners we not only defend ourselves, but we also conduct offensive operations. In particular we have developed novel data mining techniques for defensive and offensive operations. This presentation will describe our research results on handling each type of partner.

Date: August 14, 2009
Book Title: Proceedings of the Workshop on Cyber security and information intelligence challenges and strategies
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